Transportation Demand Management



SCAG has set out to deliver a long-range Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Strategic Plan for the Region that provides an objective-driven, performance-based planning framework for identifying TDM strategies and programs that increase the efficiency of the transportation system through alternative modes of travel.


SCAG hosted a second round of TDM trainings, “Deep Dive Into TDM”, in the spring of 2022. This series builds upon TDM Training Series I and provides an in-depth discussion of specific topic areas with case studies, subject matter experts, and actionable materials for attendees to use.

There were six different TDM topic areas presented, and you may listen to the recordings by clicking on the links below.

Deep Dive Sessions

March 10
Adapting TDM Programs to COVID:

Many TDM programs were paused in response to COVID-19 and, since the start of the pandemic, travel patterns and work schedules have changed drastically for many. As commuters begin to return to their worksite, now is a key time to reach out to them and re-introduce TDM programs. Watch this session to learn about alleviating rideshare concerns, creating programs around hybrid work schedules, and more.
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March 24
Building TDM Partnerships:

Individual organizations can only provide so much support to commuters on their own. Partnerships between employers, cities, transportation management associations, and mobility operators are vital to the successful implementation of TDM strategies. Watch this session to learn how to build successful partnerships to take your TDM program to the next level.
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April 5
Facilitating and Funding TDM through Policy:

TDM policies can be incorporated and funded through a variety of planning processes such as general plans, developer agreements, specific TDM ordinances, and more. Watch this session to learn how to integrate TDM goals into local policy and strategies for funding TDM programs.
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April 21
New Mobility Evolution (Mobility Hubs & MaaS):

The ever-growing field of new mobility is providing commuters with new travel options and improving access to existing modes with evolving technologies and concepts. Watch this session for an overview of mobility hubs, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and other new mobility concepts.
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May 12
TDM Strategies for Suburban and Rural Communities:

Suburban and rural communities often have limited transportation options. However, these communities can still implement successful TDM programs by focusing their efforts on existing options. Watch this session to learn about strategies for supporting carpool/vanpool use and examples of successful suburban or rural TDM programs.
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May 26
TDM Metrics and Monitoring:

Growing and improving TDM programs requires collection and analysis of pertinent data. Data can highlight which strategies are effective and which require additional attention. Watch this session for an overview of useful TDM metrics and technology solutions for collecting, monitoring, and reporting data.
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TDM 101

SCAG also hosted a series of TDM Trainings called “TDM 101” in 2021 which provided information about TDM policies and programs that can be implemented in the region.  Below is a recording of one of the sessions.


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