Transportation Demand Management


Transportation Demand Management (TDM) is a set of strategies aimed at increasing the efficiency of the transportation system, reducing vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions through alternative modes of travel. TDM investments reduce congestion and shift trips from single occupancy vehicles to other modes through projects that often cost significantly less than roadway or transit capital expansion projects. TDM strategies and options add transportation choices that improve sustainability, public health and the quality of life by reducing congestion, air pollution, and greenhouse gases. 


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Strategic Plan

SCAG Transportation Demand Management Strategic Plan and Final Report Cover Image

In 2019, SCAG completed the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Strategic Plan, which outlined strategies to expand the effectiveness and use of TDM to achieve regional goals. The TDM Strategic Plan included many resources for local agencies to help with TDM programming, including an overview of new mobility and technology advances as well as an updated TDM toolbox to support relieving congestion and commuting pain points. The TDM Strategic Plan also outlined recommendations that SCAG has begun implementing. To begin implementing the Plan, SCAG has initiated two of the recommended strategies —TDM Trainings and TDM Data Standards — aimed at increasing TDM adoption and strengthening TDM programs. 

Read the SCAG Transportation Demand Management Strategic Plan and Final Report

Training Resources

SCAG hosted a series of introductory TDM trainings in 2021 which provided information about TDM policies and programs that can be implemented in the region. 

SCAG hosted a second round of advanced TDM trainings in the spring of 2022. This series built upon the TDM 101 series and provided an in-depth discussion of specific topic areas with case studies, subject matter experts, and actionable materials for attendees to use.

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