Go Human 2022 Year In Review


In 2022, Go Human provided resources to communities across the SCAG region, prioritizing those that have been disproportionately impacted by traffic violence. Emphasizing community-led storytelling, Go Human funded and amplified local groups and agencies working to improve safety in their neighborhoods. Throughout 2022, the Go Human program engaged more than 800,000 people and 46 jurisdictions in 26 Mini-Grant Projects, 20 Kit of Parts safety demonstrations, and the distribution of more than 11,000 safety messaging materials.  

Below are highlights from 2022.  

Mini-Grants Projects  

Through the Mini-Grants Program, Go Human distributed more than $350,000 to 26 projects across the region’s six counties to implement innovative traffic safety and community engagement tactics. This program reached over 300,000 people through projects like temporary safety demonstration projects and youth-led walk audits, and public art. Awardees also provided more than 600 bicycle helmets with helmet fitting guides to residents.  To learn more about this year’s projects, click the button below and explore the Go Human Mini-Grants StoryMap.  


The Kit of Parts Lending Library & Temporary Safety Demonstrations 

Through its Kit of Parts lending library, Go Human loaned materials to local jurisdictions and partners to temporarily showcase safer streets, with pop-up parklets, artistic crosswalks and protected bike lanes.

Partners used the Kit of Parts in 20 events, reaching over 14,000 participants.   

  • March 2022, City of Cathedral City, Butterfly Festival  
  • March 2022, City of Pomona and Cal Poly Pomona, Town & Gown Ride 
  • March 2022, City of San Bernardino, Go Human at San Bernardino Downtown  
  • April 2022, City of Pasadena, Activate Fair Oaks  
  • May 2022, City of Azusa, Azusa Demonstration Project  
  • May 2022, City of Westmorland, Westmorland Decorative Crosswalk 
  • July 2022, City of Los Angeles, CicLAvia South LA  
  • July 2022, County of Los Angeles, City Terrace Art Walk by Public Matters (2022 Mini-Grant Awardee)  
  • August 2022, City of Los Angeles, Activate the Night by Central City Neighborhood Partners (2022 Mini-Grant Awardee) 
  • August 2022, City of Santa Ana, Willard Safe Streets by Santa Ana Active Streets(2022 Mini-Grant Awardee)  
  • August 2022, City of Long Beach, Community Corner Art Walk by Arts Council for Long Beach (2022 Mini-Grant Awardee) 
  • September 2022, City of Laguna Niguel, Niguel Middle Walk to School Event 
  • September 2022, City of Long Beach, Century Villages at Cabrillo Block Party 
  • October 2022, City of Glendora, Glendora Walk to School Day 
  • October 2022, City of Westmorland, Walk to School Day event 
  • October 2022, County of Imperial, Heber Walk and Bike to School Event 
  • October 2022, City of Paradise, Walking School Bus events in partnership with the Active Transportation Resource Center (ATRC)  
  • November 2022, City of Los Banos, demonstration event in partnership with the ATRC 
  • December 2022, City of Fresno, demonstration event in partnership with the ATRC 
  • December 2022, City of Imperial, Market Days Event 

Safety Demonstration Projects: From Pop-Up to Permanent 

Demonstrations that use the Kit of Parts are often leveraged to collect community feedback about the proposed improvements that can help these safety features move toward permanent implementation. This year, two jurisdictions moved toward permanent implementation of safety features.  

  • In Laguna Niguel, after temporarily demonstrating the artistic crosswalk and gathering student-created designs, the City is now selecting an artist to implement a permanent crosswalk mural. 
  • In Long Beach, after deploying the Kit of Parts’ curb extensions for a demonstration, Arts Council for Long Beach will use a Bloomberg Asphalt Arts grant to permanently install curb extensions in the Washington Neighborhood.  

Moving Beyond the SCAG Region: A Statewide Lending Library for Projects Across the State  

Go Human partnered with the Active Transportation Resource Center (ATRC) from Caltrans to expand the Go Human Kit of Parts and make it accessible to partners across the state of California 

The Pilot Partnership Program supported three jurisdictions, with support from local community partners, to host temporary safety demonstration projects with the goal of conducting community engagement that may be incorporated into a future Active Transportation Program (ATP) application or other grant opportunity. Jurisdictions include:  

  • Paradise, CA 
  • Los Banos, CA 
  • Fresno, CA 

Communications & Storytelling Campaign 

This year, Go Human implemented a Safety Storytelling Campaign: Go Human partners and their communities shared stories about the impacts of traffic violence and their work to make change. Storytelling included videos, speaker spotlights, blog and social media posts, and a Traffic Safety Pledge Drive to celebrate National Pedestrian Safety Month.  

Mini-Grant Awardee Videos 

Eleven (11) Mini-Grant Awardees recorded and shared videos about their projects. These stories bring attention to the traffic safety issues communities face, and efforts to mobilize towards change. Check out the videos on SCAG’s YouTube channel.  

2022 Go Human Mini-Grant Project: Public Matters 

2022 Go Human Mini-Grant Project: Santa Ana Active Streets 

2022 Go Human Mini-Grant Project: Arts Council for Long Beach

2022 Go Human Mini-Grant Project: Rose Park Neighborhood Association

2022 Go Human Mini-Grant Project: Chesterfield Square Block Club

2022 Go Human Mini-Grant Project: The Artlands

2022 Go Human Mini-Grant Project: Yolanda Davis Overstreet

2022 Go Human Mini-Grant Project: Nyeland Promise

2022 Go Human Mini-Grant Project: Institute for Urban Peace

2022 Go Human Mini-Grant Project: Community Intelligence

2022 Go Human Mini-Grant Project: Highlanders Boxing Club

Traffic Safety Pledge Drive 

To recognize California Pedestrian Safety Month in September, Go Human launched a Traffic Safety Pledge Drive, calling on local agencies and jurisdictions to take action and commit to safety. Eight (8) new agency signatories were provided with traffic safety messaging resources to carry out the commitments, including:  

  • Multilingual paid social media campaigns 
  • Printed banners and lawn signs 
  • Traffic safety photobooths  

Ready to commit to safety? Agencies, organizations, and individuals are invited to sign the Go Human Safety Pledge: scag.ca.gov/scag-safety-pledge 

Awards & Recognition 

The Go Human campaign and eight (8) partner projects were recognized in 2022 with awards ranging from the local to national level, including awards from the National Association of Regional Councils, Caltrans, the American Public Works Association, and local sections and the state chapter of the American Planning Association.  

Co-Branded Safety Messaging Materials 

The Go Human Advertisement Campaign, using human-centered imagery to put a face on traffic safety, targeted drivers with reminders to slow down and watch for people walking and biking. Go Human distributed more than 11,000 safety messaging materials to more than 25 schools, cities, community organizations, and regional agencies, including customized messaging to reflect unique community needs. The campaign also partnered with two transit providers, SunLine and Omnitrans in San Bernardino County and Riverside County to create and place full-side ads on near-zero emission and hydrogen fuel cell buses using Go Human creative, generating more than nine million impressions.  

Looking Ahead to 2023 

Go Human will continue to support neighborhood- and community-level safety and engagement strategies in 2023! Planned activities include:  

  • Storytelling Campaign, communications efforts to center the voices and experiences of communities most impacted by traffic violence and who are working to address traffic safety. 
  • Traffic Safety Pledge Drive, with more opportunities for people that pledge to engage with the larger cohort of Safety Pledge signatories.  
  • Go Human Community Hubs, virtual and physical hubs for resource delivery and localized community development and leadership.  
  • Safety Demonstration Projects, expanding the reach of our Kit of Parts Lending Library.   
  • Co-Branded Safety Advertisements, print and digital graphics provided at no cost to jurisdictions in the SCAG region.  

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