City of Fresno Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD)

Funding and Financing Tools and Strategy

City of Fresno EIFDIn April of 2020, the City of Fresno approved a Resolution of Intent to establish an EIFD at Downtown Fresno and the southern portion of the Blackstone Avenue Bus Rapid Transit area. With a focus on transportation improvements and investment, the Fresno EIFD will fund transportation safety and accessibility improvements, increased investment in bus infrastructure and roadways, streetscape and lighting improvements, improved wayfinding signage, and economic development projects. Collecting tax increment above the base 2021/2022 year, the Fresno EIFD is projected to incur $9.9 million in revenue over the course of 45 years. The Fresno EIFD will support the development of 10,000 housing units, over 22,000 in temporary construction jobs and 1,225 in permanent jobs, $3.6 billion in economic output from construction activities, and $211 million in annual economic output. The Fresno EIFD Public Financing Authority approved the District’s Infrastructure Financing Plan in October of 2020, making it the fifth EIFD in the State.

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