City of San Diego Otay Mesa Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD)

Funding and Financing Tools and Strategy

City of San Diego Otay Mesa EIFDIn 2017, the City of San Diego established an EIFD at the Otay Mesa community. The goal of the Otay Mesa EIFD is to fund and implement the priorities and projects outlined in the Otay Mesa Community Plan and the Otay Mesa Public Facilities Financing Plan. The Otay Mesa EIFD is coterminous with the Otay Mesa Community Plan Area, with the Otay River Valley and city of Chula Vista to the north, the Mexican border and city of Tijuana to the south, a County of San Diego unincorporated area to the east, and I-805 highway to the west as boundaries.

Using tax increment collected above the base 2017 year, the Otay Mesa EIFD will fund economic development, infrastructure development, and public facility improvements. These projects include housing development, economic development near the airport, public facility improvements (transportation, park, water & sewer) and industrial infrastructure development. The Otay Mesa EIFD is projected to bring in $970 million over the course of its life. The Otay Mesa EIFD Infrastructure Financing Plan was approved in June of 2017.

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