City of West Sacramento Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD)

Funding and Financing Tools and Strategy

City of West Sacramento EIFDIn 2017, the City of West Sacramento became the first city in California to establish an EIFD. The West Sacramento EIFD encompasses 25%, or 4,144 acres, of the City of West Sacramento near the City’s Port and waterfront area. At the time of formation, the West Sacramento EIFD covered 14 subareas that had riverfront mixed-use development, industrial districts, retail districts, and contained redevelopment areas.

Utilizing tax increment captured above the baseline year of 2016-2017 and remaining Redevelopment funds, the West Sacramento EIFD is funding public facility improvements, economic development near the City’s waterfronts, and housing with the goal of increasing commercial and mixed-use development in this area. With the City being the only taxing entity in the EIFD, the West Sacramento EIFD is projected to generate $535 million, in 2017 dollars, over the course of its life.

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