Funding and Financing Tools and Strategy

Emery-Go-Round ImageThe Emery-Go-Round is a free local circulator system that annually shuttles 1.3 million commuters and residents between Emeryville and the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) MacArthur Station. The shuttle service represents the culmination of a partnership formed between the City of Emeryville and a constituency of local corporations that began in 1996. The shuttle service provides an example of the efficacy of coordinated private sector investment in providing reliable, nonautomotive commute options. It is funded by a Property-Based Business Improvement District (PBID), whereby business owners have elected to pay a small assessment on commercial square footage to support the shuttle’s operation. Although the project was initially proposed and planned by city staff, the city’s role in funding and operation was phased out in the first 3 years of operation, and the shuttle has operated successfully for 15 years with very little assistance from the local redevelopment agency.