Aurora Strategic Parking Plan and Program

Parking Management Strategy

Aurora Strategic Parking ImageThe City of Aurora in the Denver metro area recently completed a “Strategic Parking Plan and Program Study” that is an innovative parking management strategy for the planned I-225 light rail corridor, including a corridor-based strategy for financing structured parking. The study envisions implementing fees for parking as well as other parking management tools along the entire light rail corridor, including the transit station parking lots and surrounding residential and commercial parking areas. By managing the parking supply and implementing fees across a broad geographic area, the measures described in the study could create a market for priced parking (i.e., eliminate the option for free parking on the street) and raise revenue to pay for new parking structures at targeted stations. The Aurora study demonstrates the range of parking, management, pricing, and other revenue generating tools that could be included, as well as the challenges involved in implementing this type of corridor-level parking strategy.