Additional Resources

Additional Resources


Here are some other useful resources for additional information on value pricing.

FHWA Publications on Pricing

Congestion Pricing Primer Series This series is part of FHWA’s outreach efforts to introduce the various aspects of congestion pricing to decision-makers and transportation professionals in the United States. The primers are intended to lay out the underlying rationale for congestion pricing and some of the technical issues associated with its implementation in a manner that is accessible to non-specialists in the field. Titles in this series include:

  • Congestion Pricing Overview
  • Non-Toll Pricing
  • Technologies That Enable Congestion Pricing
  • Technologies That Complement Congestion Pricing
  • Transit and Congestion Pricing
  • Economics: Pricing, Demand, and Economic Efficiency
  • Income-Based Equity Impacts of Congestion Pricing

Videos About Pricing

Below are a few relevant videos about pricing available online:

Streetfilms As part of their “Moving Beyond the Automobile” series, Streetfilms has produced an episode on pricing.

How To Solve Traffic Jams As part of a TED presentation, Jonas Eliasson discusses traffic jams.

Mileage-Based User Fees for Transportation Planning Paul Sorensen (RAND) discusses user fees for transportation planning.