IGR Clearinghouse Report


The Intergovernmental Review Clearinghouse Report summarizes federal grant applications, environmental documents and other information received by SCAG’s IGR Section. The Clearinghouse Report consists of two sections, Federal Grant Listing and Environmental Documentation Listing.

The Federal Grant Listing is provided to inform your organization of all grant applications for federal assistance from our region in accordance with Executive Order 12372. The Environmental Documentation Listing describes regionally significant and non-regionally significant projects voluntarily submitted for review by local governments. Environmental documents received include Notices of Preparation, Environmental Impact Reports, Environmental Impact Statements, Negative Declarations and Mitigated Negative Declarations.

Project descriptions on both listings are organized by county: Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura. State plans and other multi-county plans, projects and proposals are grouped under the “Multi-County” heading at the beginning of the IGR Clearinghouse Report. To include the interest of your jurisdiction or comment on proposed comprehensive planning, area wide coordination or environmental impacts please contact the IGR Section.

See below for IGR Clearinghouse Reports, both recent reports and report archives.

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