2020 Local Input Process for Towns, Cities and Counties


In preparing the Connect SoCal vision, the Southern California Association of Governments engages in a Bottom-Up Local Input and Envisioning Process to solicit information from local cities, counties and subregions on their most current land use, anticipated population/household/employment growth, resource areas, sustainability practices, and local transit-supportive measures to help understand how the region is growing and the extent to which we are meeting our climate goals.

This page is for local jurisdictions in Southern California to access and review SCAG’s data sets that are part of the Local Input Process.

Information from local cities was used to develop and evaluate potential future development scenarios for Southern California, and their respective impacts on greenhouse gas emissions. Input from jurisdictions on locally anticipated household and population growth was also used by SCAG as part of the regional housing need determination process with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).

For ease of review, core data items have been mapped in draft format and assembled in an individual map book for each local jurisdiction (available below). Jurisdictional and neighborhood level growth datasets utilized for Connect SoCal were provided to jurisdictions through the Scenario Planning Model – Data Management Site.

For information on how entitled projects were considered in Connect SoCal, please see the “Regional Entitlements Database” that includes mapped entitlements as well as a summary of how project phasing was factored into the growth datasets. A detailed methodology of Connect SoCal’s Growth Vision is available additionally, and was provided to local jurisdictions in fall 2019 then subsequently in February 2020, after the Final Proposed dataset was updated.


Draft Data/Map Books

To request draft high-quality maps and shapefiles of SCAG’s Data/Map Book or related materials, please contact RTPLocalInput@scag.ca.gov.

Please note that SCAG’s draft data is undergoing refinement based on feedback from local jurisdictions, and material included here is subject to revision; inquiries for official data should be directed to each respective local jurisdiction.