Work Plan and Other Resources

Work Plan and Other Resources

Explore resources that are available to help plan and build safer streets.

Work Plan

Use this Traffic Safety Work Plan Exercise to identify missing links to traffic safety, barriers to actions, stakeholders, benefits and concerns, prioritizing desired activities and projects, and identifying next steps for your jurisdiction.

Funding Resources

Refer to this Traffic Safety Funding Guide to identify funding opportunities related to traffic safety, including education/engagement, infrastructure, and planning.

Safety Pledge Resolution Template

Local entities can take the SCAG Safety Pledge to commit to future safety improvements in their area by adopting a resolution that can be customized to meet the jurisdictions’ needs.

Safety Pledge Menu of Activities

Refer to the Safety Pledge Menu of Activities  to identify potential actions as part of the SCAG Safety Pledge.

SCAG Go Human Kit of Parts

Refer to the Go Human Kit of Parts for more information about implementing a campaign in your jurisdiction. The Kit of Parts was designed by Kounkuey Design Initiative.

SCAG Go Human Resilient Streets Toolkit

Refer to the Resilient Streets Toolkit to learn how your jurisdiction can build capacity to engage in a community-driven process to identify and implement street-level engagements.


SCAG’s Go Human Safety Pledge

SCAG’s Go Human Safety Pledge launched in 2019 with the goal of getting jurisdictions to commit to design and build safer streets that promote walking, biking and community connections.

By signing the Pledge, jurisdictions, organizations and individuals can become safety leaders in the SCAG region. Signatories get access to SCAG resources, get recognition for being a safety champion, and join a cohort of committed safety professionals. Signatories can pledge to sponsor a safety messaging campaign, deploy a temporary demonstration with the Go Human Kit of Parts, advocate for safety improvements using the High Injury Network, and much more.

Make a commitment to safety today by signing the Pledge!